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Project Description


The EUGEN gas fired unit heater is an autonomous unit for the heating of industrial, commercial and residential rooms. The thermal exchange is performed by let an ambient air flow generated by one or more ventilators without the aid of an intermediating fluid, crossing the outer surface of the proof combustion chamber.

Safe, modular and easily mountable, the hot-air generators EUGEN “S” work with natural gas or LPG and are usually installed in the rooms to heat. The hot air generators EUGEN “B” work with natural gas, LPG or oil, with installation both directly in the rooms to heat and others or outside, with special versions suitable for the operation with temperatures till -55°C.

Their modular conception allows, in part, an installation by zones and let them perfectly suitable to any type of volume to heat. The use of the hot air generators EUGEN allows ,despite of the old and traditional heating systems, a good energy saving, reducing to the minimum the thermal inertia and eliminating the risk of ice.


The wide range of models allow the orientation of the air flow to specific areas

Thanks to the use of high-quality material

Heat inputs, air flows, static pressures and possibility of cold/hot operation for any kind of exigency

Direct exchange heating and therefore low thermal inertia

Flexibility of installation: suspended for the “S” models and on basement both in horizontal and in vertical for the “B” models. The basement models have the possibility to be installed both inside and outside the building, and therefore to be canalized

Reduced fuel savings thanks to high thermal efficiencies

Burners with low NOx emissions

Technical specifications (DOWNLOAD AREA)

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EUGEN S 20 Technical data

EUGEN S 30 Technical data

EUGEN S 40 Technical data

EUGEN S 50 Technical data

EUGEN S 60 Technical data

EUGEN S 115 Technical data

EUGEN B 30 Technical data

EUGEN B 40 Technical data

EUGEN B 60 Technical data

EUGEN B 80 Technical data

EUGEN B 110 Technical data

EUGEN B 130 Technical data

EUGEN B 160 Technical data

EUGEN B 200 Technical data

EUGEN B 250 Technical data

EUGEN B 300 Technical data

EUGEN B 350 Technical data

EUGEN B 400 Technical data

EUGEN B 450 Technical data

EUGEN B 520 Technical data

EUGEN B 580 Technical data

EUGEN B 650 Technical data

EUGEN B 750 Technical data

EUGEN B 850 Technical data

EUGEN B 1000 Technical data

EUGEN S 20 Specification

EUGEN S 30 Specification

EUGEN S 40 Specification

EUGEN S 50 Specification

EUGEN S 60 Specification

EUGEN S 115 Specification

EUGEN B 30 Specification

EUGEN B 40 Specification

EUGEN B 60 Specification

EUGEN B 80 Specification

EUGEN B 110 Specification

EUGEN B 130 Specification

EUGEN B 160 Specification

EUGEN B 200 Specification

EUGEN B 250 Specification

EUGEN B 300 Specification

EUGEN B 350 Specification

EUGEN B 400 Specification

EUGEN B 450 Specification

EUGEN B 520 Specification

EUGEN B 580 Specification

EUGEN B 650 Specification

EUGEN B 750 Specification

EUGEN B 850 Specification

EUGEN B 1000 Specification