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Project Description


The need to keep external air draughts from entering open industrial doorways, has existed for some years because of savings and care to the working environment. Experience and technical advancements have led to limit to the maximum unnecessary losses in heat dispersion. The WBKA EUWIND air barriers, by blocking out cold air draughts, are able to maintain a comfort temperature, even in proximity to doorways and entrances, thus limiting the thermal gaps and maximizing usage of the total floor space area.

Is possible then to work nearby the doorways, preventing personnel cold illnesses. As well as blocking out cold air, this invisible barrier also helps to break up internal air layers and so provide a more even dispersion of heat within the building.

The heat loss due to cold air infiltration is considerable but difficult to quantify, due to many contributing factors; however, we can say with certainty that the EUWIND air barrier system will drastically reduce heat loss to the extent that its initial investment cost will be recuperated in less than two seasons of operation.


Made from first class materials, they have no problems with low temperatures

No further heat required

Working spaces increased

Holding the temperature: allows to keep the temperature of the room uniform

Energy saving, does not allow cold air intake

Protection without noxious movements of air

Technical specifications (DOWNLOAD AREA)

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EUWIND WBKA 1240 Technical data

EUWIND WBKA 1255 Technical data

EUWIND WBKA 1275 Technical data

EUWIND WBKA 1292 Technical data

EUWIND WBKA 2255 Technical data

EUWIND WBKA 2275 Technical data

EUWIND WBKA 2292 Technical data

EUWIND WBKA 1240 Specification

EUWIND WBKA 1255 Specification

EUWIND WBKA 1275 Specification

EUWIND WBKA 1292 Specification

EUWIND WBKA 2255 Specification

EUWIND WBKA 2275 Specification

EUWIND WBKA 2292 Specification