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Project Description

EUCOLD: industrial evaporative coolers made in Italy

EUCOLD evaporative coolers are the most natural, performant and cheap technological solution for summer cooling of industrial buildings, warehouses, commercial environments, laboratories and workshops.

Reasons to choose an adiabatic cooler

With EUCOLD, rooms are cooled in a completely natural way, thanks to an ADIABATIC principle: each unit takes the outside air which, passing through special water-soaked panels, is filtered, cooled and then released into the working environment.

This process, besides making the internal temperature more comfortable, is of fundamental importance especially in this period of health emergency, as it ensures constant air exchange and prevents the spread of viruses.

Models and solutions

6 different models of EUCOLD can offer the ideal solution for cooling industrial and commercial environments of all kinds, even where other types of systems would not be applicable. In fact, there is the possibility to choose models with cooled air outputs from the side, from the top or from the bottom of the coolers, giving countless types of installation and technical solutions.

Quality in detail

  • Body made of stainless steel, ABS and PMMA;
  • centrifugal pump for a uniform distribution of water;
  • brass body unloading valve, IP67 protection;
  • safety switch outside the unit, supplied by default;
  • first-quality components for low power consumptions and high performance;
  • flexibility of installation thanks to the air outlets from above, from below and from the side.



Use of the natural principle of water evaporation.
No use of refrigerant gases or fluids.

Use of low noise components.

Suitable to any kind of environment.

Use of low electrical power.
Low installation and maintenance costs.

Clean and healthy environments thanks to the non-stop introduction of fresh air and by keeping the rooms under positive pressure. Constant water disinfection through the ozonation process.

More comfortable temperature in the working places.

Decrease of thermal discomfort caused by high temperatures, with consequent increase in productivity thanks to the psychophysical well-being of workers (Nasa report).


Let’s explain it with an example: at the seaside in summer, water temperature is 26-28 ° C, air temperature is 35 ° C. There is a light breeze.

When we get out of the water, there are drops that remain on the skin because, despite of gravity, they don’t slide down.

Although the air temperature is 35 ° C, the wind evaporates the drops of water present on the surface of the skin and, consequently, transfers the body heat to the environment, giving us a sensation of freshness.

No, quite the contrary!

The evaporative cooler uses only new external air, therefore there is no air recirculation, as happens with most of traditional air conditioning systems.

The air introduced by the adiabatic units must be evacuated from the building through doors, skylights, windows and / or extractors. This is the reason why openings must be kept as open as possible.

In the current phase of emergency, all of us are involved to overcome a pandemic never seen before. Having large air renewals is an important help for the battle against the virus and consequently an improvement of working conditions.

Even the most important international associations such as AICARR (Italian Ass. Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration), ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) have expressed their opinion,  declaring how the exchange of indoor air with new air is absolutely recommended in contrasting the spread of Covid-19.

Water consumption can be estimated, but it is not a certainty. It depends on the environmental conditions in which the appliance is installed.

The machine DOES NOT use refrigerant gases like chillers, it simply takes advantage on a NATURAL phenomenon of thermodynamics which is the evaporation of water or “adiabatic transformation”.

The efficiency, and therefore its water consumption, are inversely proportional to the level of humidity in the environment.

The lower the level of humidity in the environment, the higher the efficiency and the performance of the unit (greater cooling power) and the usage of water.

Some reference values can be viewed in the diagram below:

Carlieuklima collected several years of experience in the design, production, and testing of evaporative coolers, of different types, models and powers.

Taking into consideration the great demand and the confusion in the market about who produces and who imports low quality products, we decided to invest in the construction of proprietary molds; molding and most of the fundamental components for the proper operation of the appliance are produced in Italy by certified companies and with a controlled supply chain.

This is managed directly by Carlieuklima, as well as tests, inspections, and setting of the control units.

Technical specifications

Consult all models and technical specifications of the product. Would you like more information on this product? Click here to get in touch with us.




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