Rino Zarpellon is the plant office Manager for Fiat CNH (until June 2002 Fiat-Hitachi) of San Mauro Torinese and, on the occasion of the recent intervention carried out in the plant by CARLIEUKLIMA, he worked for months in close contact with this company from Pordenone. This collaboration was created to highlight the problems and calibrate the right solutions based on the real needs of the client. The contract involved the installation of a new radiant heating system in three large sheds on a surface of about 60,000 square meters, until then heated by an obsolete convection system, fueled by BTZ fuel oil, low sulfur content.

“Our goal – Zarpellon starts – was to redevelop the current heating system. The heating system present in the factories had poor performance capacity and high consumption ; the continuous convective motion of the heated air raised the powders made the breathing; the control over the performance and costs were very approximate and the total space occupied by the tanks, radiators and thermal power plant was even equal to 1600 square meters “.

The solution came from CARLIEUKLIMA.… “In fact, with CARLIEUKLIMA the agreement has been excellent since the first contacts. After an accurate study phase and a careful evaluation of the project, we started the intervention. CARLIEUKLIMA’s specialists on the one hand have eliminated the existing system by freeing up and redeveloping useful spaces, then assembling the natural gas supply network, installing the irradiation system with 51 modulating burners, starting up the system and instructing the personnel in charge of the management. Everything happened within 4 months”.

How were the results?

“The results were really excellent from every point of view. With the new heating system is mainly possible to quickly heat the various working islands by programming temperatures and shifts in advance, then the air is absolutely still, the powders remain on the ground and the environment is more. Finally, as already mentioned, we use clean fuel, we have gained a lot of useful space, we are able to manage time and consumption through computers and we have drastically reduced costs”.

What it means?

“To start with today, we save the thirty million old lire we used to spend on cleaning operations, and then for the emergency work with our staff, we have gone from 35 million to 15 per cent now. of the plant before it cost us over 82 million, and now, less than 14. Last but not least, the spending on fuel that has gone from more than 2 billion to just over a billion a year.Then more comfort, more flexibility and an economic advantage that clearly exceeds 50% Before closing, I would like to add two important notes: the CARLIEUKLIMA irradiation plant obtained very favorable opinions also from the trade unions and was one of the winning topics in the certification phase environmental ISO 14000“.