Compared with traditional conditioning systems, EUCOLD takes advantage on a natural principle of thermodynamics called “adiabatic process”. The application of this principle makes possible the cooling of the air by a natural process: the base of this system is the natural phenomenon of water evaporation that, combined with an easy ventilating device, permits to cool the air that is conveyed inside the environment to be cooled. Here is a simple example to explain this phenomenon: what happens if we get out the sea water? When we are wet, we feel better even if it’s hot and if there is a little wind, we feel even cool. This is because the water that is on our body evaporates leaving the warm out, regardless of the temperature of water.
This explains also why adiabatic cooling units, despite to traditional conditioning units, do not need a connection to a refrigerating unit to have chilled water. Adiabatic unit require just tap water at room temperature, with consequent electricity energy savings.

How works the adiabatic cooling


The special technology used by EUCOLD can guarantee signifi cant advantages in comfort of the people operating where the system is installed. All of this with low energy consumptions and limited operating costs (water, electricity, maintenance). Then any other kind of cooling system.


The conditions of discomfort caused by high temperatures within an industrial environment cause to the operators a “Stress from heat”, that
begins to be effective over 27°C, causing: lowering of morale, delays and absenteeism, reduction of attention about safety, increase of injuries percentage, potential damage to health, reduced productivity and quality of production.
It has been shown by various researches that this working condition adversely infl uences the productivity and the quality of production, as
indicated for example in a NASA report.

The quality of the air produced by the EUCOLD coolers ensures to the operators a psychological and physical wellness. This advantage,
gives good results in terms of quantity of production and, what’s better, is the improvement of the working places safety and the quality of the work (see NASA WELLNESS GUARANTEED studies).

Here the temperature degrees guarated from EUCOLD coolers, changing depending on external conditions.