“DOpla” is an important all-italian family-owned company in Casale sul Sile (TV), forefront in the production of disposable plastic tableware and food containers, partnering with leading international distribution chains. Today, after fifty years of activity, DOpla is the market leader in Italy and one of the major European manufacturers in Europe, with a network of manufacturing facilities and logistics platforms in Italy and Europe. Carlieuklima was contacted by “Air Italia”, a company specialized in air conditioning, which was commissioned by “DOpla” to find a solution concerning the cooling of the production department. The proposed solution was to install EUCOLD evaporative cooling system, able to cool the air with a natural process of water evaporation without the use of refrigerating machines. This type of system, in fact, guarantees many advantages in comparison with a traditional air conditioning system. The large cooling capacity, the constant exchange and cleaning of the room air, the partial or specific management by zones, the extremely reduced operating costs, the maintenance practically absent, are the main features that make EUCOLD the ideal solution for any industrial environments. The natural quality of the air produced by the EUCOLD coolers, ensures to the operators a psychophysical wellness with benefits concerning safety at working places and quality of the work performed. Thanks to the characteristics and the peculiarities of EUCOLD system, the requirements demanded by company “DOpla” have been largely met.