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System Design

CARLIEUKLIMA Srl provides service for ready-for-use solutions, and takes part in the development of the project as well as the subsequent realization, right up to final testing. The technical department is always ready and willing to receive and to suggest the best solution for any needs in terms of performance and layout, from single components to the entire system. Special care is given to accurate definition of the control system (hardware and software) which is essential to ensure the utmost temperature uniformity, even in very large industrial spaces.

CARLIEUKLIMA Srl also makes its know-how available to anyone needing detailed information and technical support for the realization of a new system. The whole field is open for discussion, concerning both methodology and calculation parameters for design, as well as the choice of the solution that is best suited to any particular need, available components and all possible installations options.

Simplified procedures guide the customer through the definition of the system specifications and in drawing up the offer request.