Radiant tube heaters

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Project Description


EURAD radiant tubes are high performance autonomous radiant heaters, designed and realized with the most modern technology that meet the strictest regulations in terms of safety, energy savings and environmental protection.

Every component has been selected to obtain the maximum yield with the minimum consumption. The use of EURAD radiant tubes is recommended for the full heating of any room, whether it is small, medium or large sized. The EURAD radiant tubes allow as well the heating of partial areas.


No air movement. Clean and healthful rooms.

Suitable to any setting.

Thanks to the use of high-quality material, maintenance is limited to those checks required by law.

It allows the radiant beam orientation to specific areas.

Fuel savings in system operation.

Comfortable temperature with-out thermal gradient.No heating equipment located on the floor or on the walls.

Stats up and reaches full-power operation in a brief time.

Guarantee of no noise in room.

Technical specifications (DOWNLOAD AREA)

Consult all models and technical specifications of the product. Would you like more information on this product? Click here to get in touch with us.

EURAD MSU 3 M Technical data

EURAD MSU 6 L Technical data

EURAD MSU 6 H Technical data

EURAD MSU 9 L Technical data

EURAD MSU 9 H Technical data

EURAD MSM 12 L Technical data

EURAD MSM 12 H Technical data

EURAD MSM 18 L Technical data

EURAD MSM 18 H Technical data

EURAD MSC 6 L Technical data

EURAD MSC 6 H Technical data

EURAD MSC 9 L Technical data

EURAD MSC 9 H Technical data

EURAD MSC 12 M Technical data

EURAD SPACE 5.0 Technical data

ECODESIGN – Technical data MSU Technical data Ecodesign

ECODESIGN – Technical data MSC Technical data Ecodesign

EURAD MSU 3 M Specification

EURAD MSU 6 L Specification

EURAD MSU 6 H Specification

EURAD MSU 9 L Specification

EURAD MSU 9 H Specification

EURAD MSM 12 L Specification

EURAD MSM 12 H Specification

EURAD MSM 18 L Specification

EURAD MSM 18 H Specification

EURAD MSC 6 L Specification

EURAD MSC 6 H Specification

EURAD MSC 9 L Specification

EURAD MSC 9 H Specification

EURAD MSC 12 M Specification


ECODESIGN – Technical data MSU

ECODESIGN – Technical data MSC





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