Project Description


BLife® system takes advantage on the ability of ceiling and walls to exchange heat and cool by effect of radiance, ensuring a homogeneous distribution of temperature without the presence of annoying air draughts.
BLife® can be used to heat and cool any kind of environment:

houses, villas, schools, exhibition, spaces, offices, banks, hotels, restaurants, bar, commercial areas and hospitals;

this system can be installed both in new panel avoids heat losses and the aluminium thermalconductor foils diffuse the heat
homogeneously on the entire surface.
The water coming from the boiler/chiller/HP is distributed to the active panels through the manifolds and the supplied piping inside the false ceiling.
Respect to traditional air heating and cooling systems, BLife® can be appreciated for its high comfort level and energyeconomic
savings. BLife® consists of an innovative gypsum false ceiling composed of active sandwich panels with internal piping. The heated or
cooled water inside the piping affects the surface of the panel diffusing or removing the heat from the room.


Optimal temperature and humidity.

Low noise in the working place.

Fuel savings in system operation.

No air movement. Clean and healthful rooms.

Comfortable temperature with-out thermal gradient.No heating equipment located on the floor or on the walls.

Technical specifications (VIDEO)

Consult the video to see the technical specifications of BLife (clic to open video).





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