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Philosophy of CARLIEUKLIMA

CARLIEUKLIMA Srl produces radiant heating systems for any kind of room, from industrial and commercial areas to sports centres and churches, and also conditioning systems for schools, hospitals and civil environments of all sorts.

CARLIEUKLIMA Srl is a modern, dynamic company with solid experience and tradition that are the result of a successful blend of various yet complementary skills. Its well-structured organization offers complete service, from design to technical support, thanks also to its wide-ranging pre-sales and after-sales service network.

The strategic choice to concentrate on radiant systems, the attention focused on ambient comfort and the commitment in the field of renewable energy has led CARLIEUKLIMA Srl to the development of a wide range of highly innovative proposals.

The heart and soul of CARLIEUKLIMA Srl is its research and development department, which day in and day out is committed to coming up with innovative solutions, to the careful design of new products and to the improvement of existing products. The use of the latest technology always goes along with attention for energy savings and concern for the environment.

Bolstered by the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 quality certification and certification of its products, CARLIEUKLIMA Srl is guided by a corporate philosophy which meets the most widely varied and special needs for heating and comfort in large common areas and in workplaces.